Welcome to the Kaplinsky lab

My lab uses molecular genetics, cell biology, and biochemistry to study how plants sense and respond to high temperatures and ensure normal growth and development even when exposed to temperature stresses.

We primarily use Arabidopsis thaliana as a model system to identify and understand the functions of and connections among the genes involved in the cellular processes involved in coordinating temperature responses and development. Arabidopsis is a small and fast (6 weeks from seed to seed!) plant with a fully sequenced genome, robust forward and reverse genetics, and great cell biology in its clear root cells. All of these properties make Arabidopsis a great organism for research at an undergraduate college. Most of the research in the lab is performed by Swarthmore undergraduates who have the opportunity to work independently and to make significant contributions to lab publications.

In addition to research I teach several courses including Cell and Molecular Biology, Plant Biology, Genomics and Systems Biology, and Plant Molecular Genetics.